An Unconventional Ranking of Every Batman Movie Ever

With The LEGO Batman Movie in cinemas, here’s a ranking of every theatrically-released Batman movie ever (warning: unconventional opinions incoming)…


Honorary mention: The LEGO Movie


One movie that Batman features in is, of course, 2014’s hit animated film The LEGO Movie,  in which Will Arnett’s hilarious Dark Knight stole the show. However, it would be weird to count this one as an actual Batman movie, so it is not included on this list. If it was, it would probably be quite high for pure entertainment value.


11. Batman & Robin


From FFlashback: Batman & Robin (1998):

“It’s easy to mock the ridiculous suits or the pun-filled dialogue, but the real problems of Batman & Robin run far deeper. At its core, the film is flawed because its priorities are completely wrong. Rather than tell an interesting – or at least mildly diverting – story, B&R is chiefly around for the merchandising opportunities and the money it can rake in (the outfits and gadgets were designed by toy manufacturers). Perhaps an ironic, drunken pleasure can be gleaned from watching, but really the film is superhero cinema at its worst.”


10. Batman Forever


From FFlashback: Batman Forever (1995)

“After Batman Returns‘ securely gothic tone put off a lot of people, Batman Forever tries too hard to please. On the one hand, it’s a kid-orientated romp with cartoon baddies, on the other its full of sexual references, darker themes and a brooding performance from Val Kilmer (I’m never sure if he’s brilliantly understated or just really bored). Fittingly for a film that features Two-Face, Batman Forever suffers from an identity crisis that prevents it from coming together as a whole.”




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