Recap: Star Wars Rebels 3×16 – Legacy of Mandalore

After many years of exile (and a two week hiatus) Sabine returns to Mandalore in an effort to recruit her clan to the rebel cause.


Being forced to make a crash landing, Sabine, Kanan and Ezra allow themselves to be taken to Clan Wren headquarters while Fenn Rau keeps his presence covert. Their escort includes Sabine’s brother, Tristan Wren, and when they are presented to the leader of the clan it is none other than her own mother Ursa Wren. Sabine draws the Darksaber and stating they need to talk and her mother relents but under the condition that Kanan and Ezra surrender their lightsabers.

Through her conversation with her mother and her brother, we learn that Sabine defection put Clan Wren in a vulnerable position, even though she did it to protect her people from a weapon that the Empire had intended to use to subjugate her people. It is also revealed that her father is being held captive, in everything but name and that Tristan serves under Gar Saxon of the Imperial Supercommandos in order to save face. Despite Sabine appeals to join the rebellion, her mother refuses since it is too risky.


Without Sabine’s knowledge, Ursa gives up Kanan, Ezra and the Darksaber to Gar Saxon, so she could assure Clan Wren safety. However, Saxon denounces them states they had consorted with traitors and orders his commandos to execute them. Thankfully Fenn Rau comes in just in the nick of time and giving Kanan and Ezra their lightsabers back, which allow them to fight alongside Sabine and her clan.

Saxon and Sabine eventually square off, Saxon with the Darksaber and Sabine with Ezra’s lightsaber. She ultimately disarms and despite his insistence to kill him, she says that is not her way. Her mother saves Sabine by shooting Saxon as she attempts to shoot her as her back was turned. To Kanan and Ezra’s surprise Sabine states that she will remain on Mandalore stating that she is done running away, and that she will rescue her father before rejoining the Rebellion once more. While Rau insists that she will make a good leader, Sabine replies that she does not want that role and vows instead that she find Mandalore’s true leader who is worthy of wielding the Darksaber.

This was a great follow-up to the events of “Trials of the Darksaber” and a strong episode to come back to after the hiatus. It was good to finally see Sabine’s family and to put names and faces to them. The ending was a bit of a shocker to me, with Sabine choosing to stay behind on Mandalore. It makes sense given the circumstances with her father, but I hope we get to see her come back if not this season then the next (that’s if there is a Season 4). In any case, it was a good episode that gave Sabine’s story arc some closure.




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