Review: The Flash 3×13 – Attack on Gorilla City

Gorilla Grodd returns as Team Flash travel back to Earth-2 in this first installment of an ape-filled two-parter…


After teasing its existence at the end of Grodd’s last appearance back in season two, The Flash finally takes us to Gorilla City this week in one of those episodes that remind you how crazy the Arrowverse has become (see yesterday’s Supergirl for more).

Let’s be clear up front, though: we didn’t get a whole lot of the city nor its gorilla populace. Sadly, this was to be expected by The Flash‘s TV-sized budget. The gladiator fight between Solovar and Flash was awesome, but its expense probably necessitated the rest of the episode seeing the cast confined to their cells. There is no use complaining about this, and we just have to be thankful that the production team tried something this ambitious in the first place.

Likewise, it could have been annoying that so much of the gorillas’ dialogue was delivered through other characters. It’s clearly a budget-conscious decision but at least it allowed Tom Cavanagh to pull off his truly amazing gorilla voice. Speaking of which, it was great to see Harry again. The two moments that raised the biggest smiles were his reunion with the gang and the hilarious scene where he met his Earth-19 doppelganger (“why is he still here?”).


Back on Earth-1, the B-story about Wally and Jesse didn’t land quite as well. Their budding feelings for each other was sweet and touching when it was explored earlier this season, but there were too many declarations of love this time around which seemed a bit presumptuous for where they are at in their relationship. Jesse’s decision to stay on Earth-1 being based on love also felt odd. Isn’t she the protector of Earth-2’s Central City? If she goes, who will do her job?

Yes, ‘Attack on Gorilla City’ didn’t totally live up to the promise of its premise on its own, but when the show is this overtly comic book-y and the cast are clearly having a blast – in particular Tom Felton getting to play Indiana Jones – then it’s hard to not enjoy yourself. Plus, we have next week’s second part to see what Grodd and his guerrilla gorillas can do.



  • Not to complain further, but I also didn’t buy the scene where Barry acts dead to be let out of his cell. Surely Grodd could read their minds to tell they weren’t lying? Besides, what use was dragging him out of his cell anyway? Use that particle-accelerated brain of yours, Grodd!
  • There was an unintentionally hilarious moment towards the end of the episode when Harry and H.R. meet. The guy standing in for H.R. in that scene is very clearly seen and is totally not Tom Cavanagh.
  • “Are you going to the Planet of the Apes?” asks Julian. This joke becomes a lot funnier when you remember that Tom Felton starred in 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes.




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