Robin Through The Years

With the news that Dick Grayson is getting his own movie, let’s take a look at the various depictions of Batman’s youthful ward over the years…


Batman (1943)

For proof that Batman and Robin have been inseparable right from the beginning, the Dynamic Duo made their on-screens debuts together in 1943 movie serial Batman. While Lewis Wilson played the Black-and-White Knight, the 16-year old Douglas Croft played the Boy Wonder.


Batman and Robin (1949)

In the 1949 follow-up serial, Batman and Robin (not to be confused with 1997’s Batman & Robin – note the ampersand), the Duo were played by Robert Lowery and Johnny Duncan respectively. Duncan’s youthful looks allowed him to portray the Boy Wonder at the age of 27.


Batman (1966)

The portrayal that defined Robin for decades was Burt Ward’s take in the pop culture phenomenon that was the 1960s Batman TV show – and the associated Batman: The Movie (1996). Ward’s Robin is famous for his “Holy [Insert term here], Batman!” catchphrase.




6 thoughts on “Robin Through The Years

  1. I just heard about the potential nightwing movie. I’m thrilled. Nightwing is my all time fav hero. All the skill of the batman and all the heart of the superman.
    I can’t pick a fav iteration of the character. I’ve been loving the new 52 dc animated movies where nightwing shows up. I adore teen titans go cause Robin is so funny and the original teen titans shows him in a brilliant way.
    My heart always belongs to the 90s animated series though but I’d have liked to see him as nightwing sooner

    I actually liked Chris odonnel in batman forever. I still say that it’s an underrated movie. Batman and Robin however… well that really wasn’t his fault. I really liked his nightwing costume.


    1. Yeah, I’m really excited for this movie. He is very cool – I can see why he’d be your fav. I agree, love his depiction in the 90s series.

      He’s not bad. As you say, it’s totally not his fault that B&R is so bad. Yeah, it was nice to see the Nightwing costume – though it had the dreaded nipples!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah….the nipples… I try to forget those. Did the bat girl costume have them aswell. I feel like it would be too much to have them on a female characters costume. it’s been so long since I watched.


      2. They are awfully weird or maybe it’s just the way they’re shown. Who was that aimed at. I can’t think a female fan got anything from watching that. Nipples aside that nightwing style costume still looks good. the mask could be refined a little but it’s better than the batman costume.
        I kinda want to watch it again now but I know I’d regret it


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