Reviewing Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season Three)

Our Buffy rewatch reaches the show’s third season – which means it’s the Scoobies’ last year at high school and the Mayor is about to ascend…


Synopsis: With Angel seemingly gone forever, Buffy is in a bad place at the start of her senior year at high school. But will the arrival of fun-loving bad girl Slayer Faith lift her spirits or produce new problems? Meanwhile, the Mayor of Sunnydale comes out of the shadows as his most important year in office approaches…


Episode Breakdown:

1. Anne

Buffy runs away to L.A and helps the helpless in an episode that is pretty much a blueprint for Angel‘s first season – complete with the show’s first trip to a Hell dimension. 8/10

2. Dead Man’s Party

Zombies attack as a metaphor for the gang burying their issues over Buffy’s disappearance. You can see both sides of the Buffy vs her friends argument. Everyone has reason to be upset.

3. Faith, Hope and Trick

Yay, Faith is here! Buffy gets jealous when a new Slayer arrives – just as ancient vamp Kakistos and his assistant Mr Trick show up. Plus, Buffy gets a new fella… And her old one returns.

4. Beauty and Beasts

A thematically-strong episode which deals with three beastly boyfriends – werewolf Oz, savage Angel and Jekyll/Hyde Pete. You wouldn’t want Buffy to be this serious every week but it works here. 8/10

5. Homecoming

A lighter-hearted episode with some good comedy moments. Notable for introducing the Mayor and for Xander and Willow kissing for the first time. Filler-y, yes, but still solid fun. 8/10

6. Band Candy

Giles, Joyce, Snyder and every adult in Sunnydale regresses to being teenagers thanks to Ethan Rayne’s magic candy bars. A terrific episode that is hilarious from start to finish. 9/10





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