Review: The Flash 3×15 – The Wrath of Savitar

The sinister God of Speed returns in what is perhaps the most outright exciting episode of The Flash this season…


The Savitar arc has had its ups and downs this year but, boy, this episode did a terrific job of ramping up the drama as the season reaches its final bunch of episodes.

‘The Wrath of Savitar’ opens with a lovely bonding session for Team Flash as Barry and Iris announce their engagement – it’s a testament to the strength of these characters that some of the show’s most enjoyable moments are these low-key character-centric scenes. Before long, though, Wally is getting visions of Savitar and the evil speedster’s ominous prophecies from a few weeks ago begin to come true – one shall betray you, one shall fall and one shall suffer a fate worse than death…

Yes, it turns out that the STAR Labs gang have been keeping secrets yet again – Caitlin has the last shard of the Philosopher’s Stone and Barry only proposed to Iris in an attempt to change the future. You could complain about Team Flash withholding secrets from each other yet again but it has happened so many times by this point that it is basically the lifeblood of the show and we should probably accept that its a storytelling device that the writers are never going to let go. In any case, it works here as there needed to be some tension in the team at this point.

This episode also did a lot to embellish Savitar as a threat and to push the mystery of his true identity. The line that hit home the most has to be his assertion that “to me, Barry is the big bad.” Apart from revealing the shocking fact that the God of Motion is a Buffy fan, it really rams home the point that Barry has made some bad decisions this year which keep coming back to bite him. As the episode makes plain, in a very moving final sequence, Barry makes these mistakes because he is driven by fear for his loved ones’ safety. Speaking of which, we love you Barry, but no one is going to believe you when you say things like “trust me, I know what I’m doing.” You created Flashpoint, remember…

So, go on then, let’s indulge in a bit of theorising. I have firmly believed for a while that Wally is Savitar and this episode added more evidence for this eventuality – Savitar says he gave himself his speed and he calls himself “the future Flash” (Wally is Barry’s successor in the comics). The episode’s shocking climax, which saw Wally trapped in the Speed Force, now gives the character the opportunity to grow more powerful and twisted. Still, who knows, I could be wrong.

As far as I’m concerned, this was a near-perfect episode of The Flash. There was some great dialogue (from fun pop culture references to H.R. nearly filling his drawers), every character got something to do and it moved forward the overarching story. With a cameo-filled trip to the Speed Force next week and a musical crossover with Supergirl after that, the future of The Flash looks very bright indeed (just not from Barry’s point of view).




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