Comic Book Review: Justice League/Power Rangers #3

The franchise-spanning crossover reaches its third issue. Go go ahead and read our thoughts…


The first two issues of Justice League/Power Rangers were a light-hearted fanboy delight, as DC’s finest teamed up with Saban’s own colourful cadets of justice. This third issue nicely moves the story along, but it loses a bit of steam in the process.

After the unholy alliance of Brainiac and Lord Zedd launched a monster invasion of Earth last issue, the Power-Justice-Rangers-League have their work cut out defending the world. When the Rangers lose control of their Zords, however, it seems that the supervillains have a much more nefarious plan up their sleeve…

While the action-heavy plot leads to some great set pieces, it means there is less of the odd couple character interactions that made the previous issues so fun. Likewise, while the emphasis on the monsters and the Rangers’ Zords makes for some eye-popping visuals, it does mean that the Rangers themselves are pushed to the side. Plus, it doesn’t help that the central idea of the issue – the world’s cities are being attacked by giant alien monsters – is completely cribbed from Marvel’s current crossover event Monsters Unleashed. 

Stephen Byrne’s artwork is as dazzling as ever, though. The big, bright action scenes and ever-changing locations suit Byrne’s bold style perfectly. Still, he is good with the smaller moments too. There is a scene where the simple addition of a disheartened-looking Batman in the background makes the panel laugh-out-loud hilarious. That’s not to mention some welcome cameos from other DC heroes like Aquaman, Shazam and Black Canary, which Byrne nails.

While this comic does have some welcome fan-pleasing moments, then, it is missing something to really make it pop. Perhaps after three issues we have got over our initial excitement over seeing the two superhero teams together and the story needs a new sting in its tale. Still, with the opening issue apparently promising that the Power Rangers’ home town of Angel Grove is going to be destroyed, writer Tom Taylor clearly has something up his sleeve for future issues.



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