Recap: Star Wars Rebels 3×19 – Double Agent Droid

There is a double agent abroad The Ghost… and it’s Chopper!

The episode opens with Wedge, AP-5 and Chopper being sent on a mission to procure clearance codes to Lothal. AP-5 and Chopper have a disagreement about how to go about retrieving the information and it causes them to go their separate ways. Meanwhile an Imperial Listening Post cruiser has their eye on Chopper, recognizing the droid from previous Rebel missions. They hijack Chopper’s systems as he was accessing the network, but when they are unable to find out the location of the Rebel base they leave with Wedge and AP-5 so they might uncover the information covertly. AP-5 notices that Chopper is behaving strangely and gets very suspicious when the usually grumpy droid is treating everyone nicely. Despite bringing this up to Wedge and the rest the Ghost crew, they initially pay little attention much to his frustration.

However Hera’s suspicions grow when she finds Chopper in the cockpit accessing the cyberspace logs. While Chopper states that he updating the  database, Hera states that is not possible because his memory is wiped after every mission. She expresses this concern to the others and says they may need to run a diagnostic scan. Before that can be done, Chopper abruptly drops The Ghost out of hyperspace and a game of cat and mouse ensues between the Imperial controlled droid and the the Rebels. Eventually The Ghost crew disables Chopper and Hera sends a overload of data feedback which deals a major blow to the surveillance vessel and crew. Chopper regains “consciousness” (so to speak) and is back to his usual grumpy self much to relief and annoyance to AP-5 and the rest of the Rebels.

This was pretty fun episode to watch and wasn’t all that all that bad like I thought it was going to be. This was thanks in part to AP-5 whose dry humor made this episode so funny. I also found the concept of droid possession rather intriguing especially since it was covert versus the Nightsisters’ rather overt possession of Kanan and Sabine on  “Visions and Voices.” Compared to “Secret Cargo” it may not have as much weight, but I enjoyed watching “Double Agent Droid” since the main cast was more involved and there was some great humor which included the refresher scene with Wedge and AP-5. So please don’t skip this one and make sure to give it a watch as we wait for the highly anticipated “Twin Suns” episode to arrive.




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