Comic Book Review: Super Sons #2

Superboy and Robin face off against Lex Luthor in the brilliant second issue of Super Sons…


Super Sons #1 opened up this exciting new book with a lot of promise – thankfully, things only get better in the follow-up issue.

At the end of issue 1, Jon Kent and Damian Wayne’s secret investigation at Lexcorp turned sour when Lex Luthor himself showed up. Their tussle makes for a great baptism of fire for the two young supers, as the Kid of Steel and the Boy Wonder have to outsmart and outpunch Superman’s greatest enemy. This isn’t a particularly action-heavy comic, but artist Jorge Jimenez whips up some real thrills from Superboy and Lex’s airborne scrap. In fact, Jimenez – and Alejandro Sanchez on colours – are amazing all round. This issue is brilliantly bright, bold and yet nicely detailed.

Really, though, what we are reading this comic for is the interplay between Jon and Damien as the characters make for a terrific odd couple. While Jon is an ordinary young boy from a loving family who just happens to have alien powers, Damian is the highly-intelligent – and highly–arrogant – son of a vigilante and an assassin. Writer Peter Tomasi does a superb job working in some welcome character moments which demonstrate just how different Jon and Damien are. For instance, Damien’s ploy to distract Lex is to push Jon off of Lexcorp tower, while Jon breaks down when he makes a gruesome discovery.

One of the few criticisms to be made about issue 1 was the prologue which was completely disconnected from the main storyline. Thankfully, Tomasi isn’t playing a long game here and the plots are weaved together nicely in part two. It does, however, results in a very dark twist – complete with some fairly visceral artwork – that is at odds with the all-ages, joyful tone of the rest of the book. It hits the mark and should be interesting to see explored in future issues, but it feels like it has stepped out of a different comic altogether.

All in all, Super Sons #2 is simply wonderful fun from start to finish. With a welcome new dynamic duo at its core, great artwork and a maturer side that it is starting to explore, this is a must-read comic for DC fans.



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