A Guide To Every Dimension Of The Arrowverse

The Arrowverse shows have featured trips to numerous alternate Earths, timelines and dimensions – here’s a guide to each and every one of them…


The Multiverse



Inhabitants: Um, just about everyone.

First appeared: Arrow: ‘Pilot’.

Notes: The universe inhabited by Green Arrow, The Flash and The Legends. Martin Stein coined the term “Earth-1” to differentiate their world from others. However, travellers from other dimensions have also used the term, so Earth-1 might actually be the “first” Earth of the Multiverse.



Inhabitants: Harrison ‘Harry’ Wells, Jesse Quick, Zoom, Killer Frost, Reverb, Deathstorm, Doctor Light, Solovar ETC.

First appearance: The Flash: ‘The Flash of Two Worlds’.

Notes: Earth-2 is in many ways the opposite of Earth-1. Caitlin, Cisco, Ronnie and other heroes on Earth-1 are villains on Earth-2. Barry Allen is also not the Flash and Robert Queen is the Green Arrow. The culture is close to Earth-1’s 1920s. It also has a city of intelligent gorillas in the tropical rainforest and Atlantis is above sea level on this Earth.



Inhabitants: Jay Garrick, Earth-3’s Trickster.

First appeared in: The Flash: ‘The Present.’

Notes: This Earth’s Flash is Jay Garrick (the doppelganger of Barry’s father Henry Allen). His foes include a version of The Trickster who is closer to Batman’s Joker. With the anachronistic presence of zeppelins and tommy guns, Earth-3 seems to have a slightly dieselpunk aesthetic.



Inhabitants: Harrison ‘Hells’ Wells.

First mentioned in: The Flash: ‘The New Rogues’.

Notes: When Team Flash send a call for geniuses across the Multiverse, one of their responses comes from Earth-16’s Harrison Wells AKA Hells Wells, a belching, mustachioed cowboy.



Inhabitants: English Harrison Wells.

First mentioned in: The Flash: ‘The New Rogues’.

Notes: Another response came from Earth-17’s Harrison Wells. This one appeared to be English. Going by his goggles, it appears that Earth-17 is a steampunk-themed world.



Inhabitants: French Harrison Wells.

First mentioned in: The Flash: ‘The New Rogues’.

Notes: The third came from a French-speaking Harrison Wells. Earth-2’s Harrison decided he didn’t like him as “you can’t trust a mime.”



Inhabitants: H.R. Wells, Gypsy, Accelerated Man.

First appeared in: The Flash: Attack on Central City’.

Notes: Earth-19 has a much longer history with meta-humans and the Multiverse than Earth-1. After an invasion of foes from another Earth, travel between the dimensions was outlawed. Collectors – such as Gypsy – were hired to capture people breaking these laws. There was also World War M, where Earth-19’s Flash – possibly the Accelerated Man – confronted the world’s evil meta-humans and defeated them for good.



Inhabitants: Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter ETC.

First appeared in: Supergirl: ‘Pilot’

Notes: Earth-38 is the most different from Earth-1. With no Flash, Arrow or Legends, the protectors of the world are Superman, his cousin Supergirl and Martian Manhunter’s DEO organisation. There are several cities that likely don’t exist on Earth-1 either, such as Metropolis, Gotham and National City. Also, aliens are commonly found on Earth-38. Behind the scenes, its name is a reference to the year of Superman’s creation, 1938.



Inhabitants: The Flash, The Trickster, Tina McGee.

First appeared in: The Flash: ‘Welcome to Earth-2’

Notes: When The Flash travelled through the Multiverse to Earth-2, he glimpsed the world of The Flash TV show from 1990. In this universe, Barry Allen AKA The Flash is another doppelganger of Henry Allen/Jay Garrick. It shares a number of inhabitants with Earth-1, such as The Trickster, Tina McGee, Julio Mendez and Anthony Bellows.




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