Reviewing Smallville (Season Eight)

Clark Kent gets closer to becoming Superman in our lookback at Smallville‘s eighth season…


Synopsis: With Lex and Lana out of his life, Clark Kent decides to leave Smallville behind and start work at the Daily Planet in Metropolis – which leads to some complicated feelings between him and Lois. Meanwhile, Chloe’s impending marriage to Jimmy hits a hiccup when mysterious paramedic Davis Bloome enters her life. Just what secret is he hiding?


1. Odyssey

A busy episode with lots of heavy-lifting to do. It’s great to see the Justice League again and, yippee, Clark is finally working at the Daily Planet. And was that a longing look Lois gave Clark?

2. Plastique

Yes, this is another meteor-freak episode, but it also deals with a DC comics villain, lots of Lois and Clark banter and Clark finally saving people in Metropolis. It’s what we’ve waited eight years for! 8.5/10

3. Toxic

Oliver and Tess’ backstory is explored in flashback when Olly is poisoned with a deadly plant. It’s decent but more interesting was the foreshadowing that Clark is about to get his “island moment.” 8/10

4. Instinct

Maxima, Queen of Almerac, comes to Earth looking for her soul mate – Clark Kent! Finally, Clark is moving on from Lana and Lois is realising her feelings for him. Lovely episode for “Clois” fans. 8.5/10

5. Committed

Chloe and Jimmy getting the Saw treatment wasn’t amazing, and neither was the Ollie and Tess stuff, but having Clark and Lois pretend to be engaged and then Lois’ surprise revelation were.

6. Prey

At last! Clark is running around saving people in secret! Meanwhile, Davis thinks he might be a killer when he starts blacking out. Important for Clark, a little so-so elsewhere. 8/10


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