Reviewing Smallville (Season Eight)

13. Power

Oh whoopee, a Lana-focussed episode. This is a decent one, that makes sense of Lana’s cheap exit last season but the ending is pretty much my nightmare vision of Smallville come to life.

14. Requiem

Lex works through Toyman to destroy Clark and Lana once and for all. This one suffers from the lack of Michael Rosenbaum but at least it made sure Clana is 100% ended. Yippee-ki-yay! 

15. Infamous

This is more like it. Clark tells Lois – and the world – his secret but it backfires. We’re immediately moving forward with the Clois romantic drama. Tori Spelling’s villain is still rubbish, though. 8.5/10

16. Turbulence

A really dark episode, as a drug-addled Jimmy tries to prove Davis is a killer. Meanwhile, I’m worried they are pairing Clark up with Tess. And why can’t Lois just be in every episode? 8/10

17. Hex

Zatanna enters the Smallville universe and body-swaps Chloe and Lois. It’s good fun – the best bit is Clark forgetting he has powers – with lots of juicy Justice League stuff. 8.5/10

18. Eternal

A really strong flashback-heavy one that examines Davis’ origins, which parallel Clark’s. There is also some fun rewriting of the old Native American mythology. Very dark and dramatic. 9/10


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