The Most Powerful Women of The Buffyverse

Buffy is known for its strong female characters – so let’s rank the most powerful women in the Buffyverse…


15. Dawn Summers

Though Buffy’s little sister Dawn doesn’t exhibit any supernatural powers herself, she is “the Key” – the embodiment of a colossal amount of energy that Glory needs to open a dimension to Hell and destroy the world. In the official comic book continuation of the show, Dawn is actually able to harness her key powers. e.g. she can create energy projectiles and force-fields.


14. Amy Madison

Amy has a natural affinity for magic seeing as her mother was a powerful witch. She began as a benign wicca but grew into a dangerous sorceress and eventual enemy of the Scoobies. Amy was particularly gifted at transmogrification spells (something she had over Willow, who couldn’t change her back from her rat form for several years).


13. Tara Maclay

Good-natured Tara is probably the least driven of the three major witches on Buffy due to her pure-hearted nature but she is still a very proficient wicca – in particular, she has the ability to read auras which neither Willow or Amy share (she alone detected when Buffy’s body was inhabited by Faith).


12. Drusilla

As well as the usual vampiric powers, Drusilla notably had precognitive abilities. i.e. she received visions of the future. Like Dracula, Dru was also a powerful hypnotist. Lastly, her fingernails were razor-sharp and could kill someone with a slice of the throat (R.I.P Kendra).


11. The Guardians

This cadre of powerful mystical women were tied into the Slayer’s essence. Most notably, they created the Slayer’s ultimate weapon, the Scythe. They were functionally immortal – though could be killed by conventional means – and watched over the Slayer heritage throughout the centuries.




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