X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the Next X-Men Movie, Coming November 2nd 2018

The title and release date for the next mainline movie in the X-Men franchise have been revealed…


There has been much talk about the future of the franchise after X-Men: Apocalypse seemingly closed the prequel trilogy begun with First ClassWe now know that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will follow. The title obviously gives away the fact that it will deal with Jean Grey’s possession by the Phoenix Force. Let’s hope it does a much better job of adapting the classic comics storyline than X-Men: The Last Stand. 

Seeing as Sophie Turner was just introduced as a young version of Jean in Apocalypse, we can assume that Dark Phoenix will continue on with that continuity. So expect to see more from James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and the rest of that cast.

2018 will also feature two other X-Men franchise movies. First up, New Mutants will arrive on April 13th. This will feature a teenaged offshoot of the X-Men. Deadpool 2 will then land on June 1st. It was recently announced that Josh Brolin (Thanos over at Marvel) will play Cable opposite Ryan Reynold’s Merc with the Mouth.

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