Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 17 – Strategy, Strategy, Strategy

Alliances are made and egos clash as the Calvary Battle begins…


As it states in the episode title (three times to be exact) there is strategy in the Sports Festival’s second event, Calvary Battle. There is strategy in forming a team, strategy in using everyone’s quirks to the team’s advantage, and strategy to make it to next round. I appreciated how pro heroes watching the festival explain how these events prepare these students for the hero work in the real world. The Obstacle Course taught them they need to stand out as individuals and the Calvary Battle is teaching them how to work with others to achieve a common goal. That goal being getting the most points by taking away head bands from other teams.

It was interesting to see the team building going on and I loved how Bakugo was surrounded by classmates wanting to join his team and looking like he had no clue what to do. I don’t blame him though; Bakugo is not a team player. Thankfully Eijiro Kirishima comes to his rescue so to speak and provides him some familiarity since they fought together during the villain attack at the USJ. Plus Kirishima’s quirk, “Hardening” can withstand the Bakugo’s “Explosion” which makes them a formidable combo.

While Midoriya is better in cooperating with others, there only a few people willing to team-up him with given his 10 million point value. Thankfully Uraraka is ready and willing to help with a cheerful smile. While Midoriya offers an invitation to Iida, it is revealed that he has joined Todoroki’s team. Dang it Tenya, why did you have to break up the trio? But not to worry Mei-Mei from the Hero Support Class, who was introduced in the last episode, fills in and offers her vast array gadgets to the table. Finally Midoriya after some deliberation asks Fumikage Tokoyami to join the ranks knowing that his quirk “Dark Shadow” will provide the defense they need.

While it not a bad episode, it did feel like it was only build-up for the next episode. I also was disappointed that there was no conversation between Midoriya and Tokoyami on screen. We got to know more about Mei-Mei in the past couple of episodes than Tokoyami and he’s been around since the first season. I want characterization, dang it! Regardless there were some great moments with bromance between Bakugo and Kirishima and Urakara being slightly put off by Mei-Mei since she quickly found common ground with Midoriya. Next episode will provide the face off between Bakugo’s and the Class 1-B teams as well Midoriya’s and Todoroki’s teams.




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