Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 19 – The Boy Born with Everything

Todoroki’s past reveals that not all heroes are good people and Midoriya’s fight with Shinso begins.


While episode was a breather for most of the UA students and spectators before the final tournament round begins, it wasn’t for Midoriya since Todoroki pulled him aside to have a conversation. In the process, we learn more about Todoroki’s background which is actually pretty sad. His father, Endeavor only married his mother for her quirk, and the sole purpose of his existence is to defeat All Might. In way he reminds of Bakugou if his obsession of being number one consumes him to point that he takes it out on his children, which I hope doesn’t happen. Endevaor has become a character whose actions I hate with a passion and it makes me wonder how a guy like him is the number two hero in this world.

It is interesting to note how Midoriya compares Todoroki with a comic book character with a tragic backstory and such. While by comparison Midoriya’s story is not as tragic, he still has own struggles to overcome which include his occasional feelings of worthlessness. Midoriya listens to Todoroki and I think has gained even more respect and sympathy his classmate, but he is still willing to fight his hardest because he owes it to those who support him.

On a more funnier note, I loved how Todoroki asks Midoryia, with a straight face, if he was All Might’s secret love child. Midoriya mentally expresses his surprise and confusion appropriately: “Am I..WHAT?!!” However, it would be a logical assumption considering that variations of similar quirks do run through families and the idea of a quirk that can transfer itself is far-fetched even this world. It was a good moment to have considering the rather heavy stuff we were going to be hit with.

After some filler events with the Sports Festival’s extra mini games with Momo Yaoyorozu’s cheerleading squad cheering on, we finally see the beginning of Tournament Round. Mashirao Ojiro, one of Midoriya’s classmates, decides to drop out since he feel like he didn’t reach the final round on his own merits and this where we start to get hints of Hitoshi Shinso’s quirk involves some kind of mind manipulation. It is then revealed that Midoriya is matched up against him and despite warning not to respond to anything he says, he is goated on by Shinso when he insults Ojiro for giving up on opportunity to compete in the tournament. Midoriya eyes go blank, giving all indication that Shinso has control over his mind. How’s Midoriya going to get out this? I guess we will find out next time. All in all a great episode where we learn more about the motivations and struggles that these future heroes are facing.



2 thoughts on “Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 19 – The Boy Born with Everything

  1. I definitely liked Midoriya’s reaction to the secret love child suggestion. It was pretty funny and fairly authentic given it wasn’t a ridiculous conclusion to draw from an outsiders point of view. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Midoriya’s reaction would be my reaction as well. Also the fact that Todoroki was dead serious when asked the question makes this scene even funnier for me since I have only hear the phrase “love-child” in more comedic situations.

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