Review: Agents of SHIELD 4×22 – World’s End

Agents of Shield concludes its most creative season yet with a finale jam-packed with plot, innovative plot twists and tear jerking character moments…


Written by Maisie Williams


Well, here we are, folks. Season 4 is wrapped and wow, what a finale! Writer Jeff Bell had the momentous task of tying up numerous loose ends of a season that’s only had a small number of filler episodes, and yet as someone who is mostly critical of Bell’s writing of the show, I felt he delivered surprisingly well. The episode managed to bring together elements of the entire season from Aida and the Superior, to the return of Ghost Rider, to the Framework and even the bureaucracy regarding Inhumans. However, whilst that’s a bold attempt, I did feel that maybe some elements weren’t completely necessary and that time could have been wiser spent elsewhere. Anyone else get annoyed that the Rider tried to go for Aida twice and she teleported away both times?

On the other hand, it was rewarding to see Quake and the Ghost Rider team up together. Those were some amazing special effects that I’d argue makes the show a solid contender to compete with the Marvel movies. I really hope that Robbie is still able to make another return at some point. I love his dynamic with Daisy and, to be honest, he’s just an insanely cool, likeable character. Other positives of this episode included Talbot’s witty dry humour, and a touching send off for Radcliffe; a character who I’ve surprisingly enjoyed watching his journey since he was introduced towards the end of last season.

But let’s move onto things that unfortunately didn’t work so well this episode. Being back inside the Framework to rescue Mack felt tiresome. Elena is a character that has quickly grown to annoy me this season, and what with her irrational actions to ignore Daisy last week and her naivety that she can get Mack to remember her, I sincerely hope they give her character an overhaul next season that doesn’t revolve around a love interest that mostly developed off screen. The Framework did, however, deliver one of the most painful scenes of the season with the vanishing of Hope. When she disappeared in Mack’s arms… just heart-breaking.

Another scene that got me emotional was Daisy comforting Fitz. Of course, he’d blame himself for all this, but watching Daisy, who’d experienced similar after being under Hive’s sway and feeling responsible for Lincoln’s death, be the one to offer him support felt right. And yes, after a season of build up for Philinda, and the fallout of the Framework to contend with for Fitzsimmons, I’m still going to be a tad disappointed this episode didn’t get to deliver on all of these emotional fronts. But hey, there’s always next season. In true Agents of Shield fashion, the last minute of the season finale teased next season’s plot, and I’m super intrigued to find out what agents in space means. We have until September to get our theories in!




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