A Guide to Every Version of The Master in Doctor Who

The Cameo Masters


Young Master

Played by: William Hughes

Appearances: ‘The Sound of Drums/The Last of the Time Lords’

As all students of the Time Lord Academy must, the Master was sent to gaze into the Untempered Schism – a window into the time vortex – at the age of eight. This drove the Master mad (he would later discover that Rassilon sent a signal back in time and implanted it in his mind, acting as the Time Lord’s anchor to reality).


The Executed Master

Played by: Gordon Tipple

Appearances: Doctor Who: The Movie

For unknown reasons, the Daleks held a trial for this version of the Master, found him guilty of an unknown crime and executed him. With dark hair and a beard, he resembles the Tremas Master but is likely a different incarnation. N.B. Gordon Tipple originally voiced the opening to the TV movie instead of Paul McGann.



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