A Guide to Every Version of The Master in Doctor Who

The Audio Masters


The Resurrected Master

Played by: Alex Macqueen

Appearances: ‘UNIT: Dominion’, Dark Eyes, ‘Vampire of the Mind’ and ‘The Two Masters’

Doctors Faced: Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor

After he was consumed by the TARDIS (see: Doctor Who: The Movie), the Time Lords resurrected the Master to act as their agent. However, he went rogue and got up to his usual tricks, facing the Eighth Doctor several times. This Master – the only canonical Master created for audio – was a more playful incarnation but was just as dangerous as ever.


The Unbound Master

Played by: Sam Kisgart (Mark Gatiss)

Appearances: ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, ‘The Library in the Body’ and ‘The Emporium at the End’

Doctors Faced: Unbound Doctor

In an alternate universe where the Doctor (as played by David Warner) is a darker, more morally ambiguous figure, the Master is likewise not as evil as usual. Though still fond of his usual schemes, this Master has been known to aid the Doctor in saving the world. However, his main goal was still his own survival. He was voiced by Doctor Who writer and guest star Mark Gatiss (under a pseudonym).



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