Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 21 – Battle On, Challengers!

My Hero Academia‘s latest episode blitzes through the first round of UA Sports Festival’s Tournament as we prepare for Uraraka and Bakugo’s fight.


This was a catch-all of the first round battles minus Midoriya’s and Todoroki’s fights in the previous episode as well Uraraka and Bakugo’s upcoming match-up. That doesn’t mean that nothing interesting happened in this episode; far from it. I appreciated that My Hero Academia didn’t shy away from guy and girl fights unlike a lot of shōnen animes and mangas that I have seen and read. I am also glad that we have two girls that moving on to the second round, which includes Class 1-A’s Mina Ashido and Class 1-B’s Ibara Shiozaki. It was fun watching the opponents face other and see both old and new characters interact with each other along with a bit more humor than Midoriya’s and Todoroki’s battles. Midoriya’s feverish note-taking also adds to that enjoyment.

By far the most bizarre of the match-ups was Iida’s and Mei-Mei’s, but I think was more of a live infomercial than tournament battle. Even though Iida won by default, Mei-Mei was in complete control the entire time and shamelessly self-promoting her technical genius and vast array of gadgets. The second runner-up of most bizarre battles would have to the fight between Eijiro Kirishima vs. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (seriously, who names their child that!). They were the most even match-up – in fact, they were so evenly tied that they knocked each other out. Now they need to conduct an arm wrestling contest in order to produce a winner.

Despite various and humorous clashes between the UA students, there is an underlying current of seriousness as Uraraka prepares for her battle with Bakugo. Uraraka puts a brave face on it and is determined to give her best effort and kindly rejects Midoriya’s offer to give her some pointers based on his own observation notes. I sure hope that Uraraka does give Bakugo a challenge and she demonstrates just what she can do with “Zero Gravity.” Good buildup for what promises to be a very engaging fight.




2 thoughts on “Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 21 – Battle On, Challengers!

  1. I’m just really hoping Uraraka doesn’t get hurt. I know I might be selling her short but it just seems that Bakugo’s power is one designed for the kind of combat they are about to go into whereas hers is not.

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    1. I think “Zero Gravity” can have more potential then what we have seen thus far. It can be used to disorientate enemies and it can help Uraraka move faster without regular gravity weighing her down. She just needs to improve her combat skills. But yeah “Explosion” does more advantages in this one-on-one battle scenario, but like I said I hoping Uraraka doesn’t make this a walk in the park for Bakugo and that he truly has to work to gain the victory.

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