Adam West’s 10 Best Voice Acting Roles

Adam West/Catman – The Fairly Odd Parents (2003-2008)

And again, West played another crazed version of himself on Fairly Odd Parents. Here, West was a citizen of Dimmsdale who is most known for playing Catman on an old TV show. West is now retired but always wears his Catman costume and generally acts like a superhero. The role was taken over by Jeff Bennet in later seasons.


Adam West/Batman (The Simpsons) – 1992/1999/2002

Adam West has appeared three times on The Simpsons. In his first appearance in the classic episode ‘Mr Plow’, West plays himself and scares the family by doing the batusi. He and Burt Ward later appear in ‘Beyond the Blunderdome’, sitting in the Batmobile in a museum pretending to be mannequins. Finally, in ‘Large Marge’, Bart and Milhouse watch an episode of Batman starring Krusty as the villain ‘Clown-Face’.


Simon Trent/The Gray Ghost – Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

For once, Adam West got to do a serious voice role on Batman: The Animated Series in the terrific episode ‘Beware the Gray Ghost.’ He plays Simon Trent – yes, an actor who previously played a TV superhero, the Gray Ghost. Trent was Bruce Wayne’s hero as a boy and was his inspiration for becoming Batman. In the episode, Trent dons the Gray Ghost costume for real to help Batman foil the Mad Bomber, a villain inspired by his TV show.


Mayor Adam West – Family Guy (2000-2017)

Adam West’s biggest voice role has to be his regular part on Family Guy, in which he plays a version of himself who is the mayor of Quahog. Mayor West is a senile old man but ultimately harmless. Creator Seth McFarlane has said that, in contrast to West’s other voice roles, he deliberately went out of his way to never reference West’s role as Batman. He will be much missed on the show.


Bruce Wayne/Batman – The New Batman Adventures/Superfriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show/The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardian/The Batman-Tarzan Hour/Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders/Batman vs. Two Face (1977/1984/1985/2016/2017)

He might be best known for his live-action portrayal of Batman across film and TV but West has also played the part in various animated productions as well over the years. Most notably, he appeared as the character in four cartoons shows in the 1970s and 80s. The New Batman Adventures is significant for reuniting him with Burt Ward. Decades later, both Caped Crusaders returned for a terrific tongue-in-cheek animated movie. West’s final performance as Batman has already been recorded and is due out later this year.

Rest in peace, Adam West.


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