The Simpsons’ 50 Greatest Episodes (Part One)

With great difficulty, we’ve whittled down nearly 600 episodes of The Simpsons down to just the best 50. Here’s part one of our countdown…


50. Holidays of Future Past (S23)


An episode that was actually intended as the finale to the entire series, this Christmas special set in the future would actually have been a brilliant one to end it all on.


49. Treehouse of Horror II (S3)


Everyone knows the earliest Treehouse of Horrors, the show’s annual Halloween special, were the best ones. The second one ever was particularly great. You’ve gotta love Bart as a telepathic tyrant.


48. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou (S2)


Homer meets his estranged (and very different) long-lost brother – successful car magnate Herb – in one of the earliest episodes to fire on all cylinders. Herb should have been used more.


47. Last Exit To Springfield (S4)


Dental Plan? Lisa needs braces! The plot – Homer leading a workers’ strike – is fine, but this one shines thanks to its succession of great quotes and moments too numerous to mention.


46. The City of New York vs Homer Simpson (S9)


Homer’s hatred of the Big Apple produces a lot of laughs in this classic. This one was sadly rarely seen for a long while, after 9/11, but thankfully it’s back in rotation now.




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