Agents of SHIELD Season Four: What Worked And What Flopped

As Marvel’s Agents of Shield wrapped up its fourth season earlier this month, we look back at what worked, and perhaps what didn’t, in the sci-fi hit’s most recent outing.


By Maisie Williams


What Worked


Ghost Rider/Robbie Reyes

Gabriel Luna’s flame-headed demon was a welcome addition to the cast this season. Luna brought charm, charisma and a Latin flare with his portrayal of the famous comic book character. The CGI was phenomenal in bringing Ghost Rider to life, in a way that makes his previous live action adaptations laughable. Robbie was brooding and yet loveable, easily having wonderful dark chemistry with Daisy, and yet we see a softer side when caring for his younger brother. The Rider quickly became a beloved fan favourite, and I can only hope he can make another appearance next season.


The Three Pods

The idea to split this season into three separate and yet interlinked storylines, or “pods”, was a stroke of genius from the creative minds behind the show. After three seasons, each with 22 episodes, it could have been very easy for the writers to fall into the trap of becoming predictable as to when the exciting and climatic moments were coming. Having three self-contained short stories if you like, kept the audience on their toes, as well as providing a solution to potential scheduling issues now that Agent Carter was no longer airing.


AIDA/Ophelia/Madame Hydra

When AIDA was first name-dropped in the tag of last year’s season finale, no one could expect that she’d be such an influence on this season. Mallory Jansen was amazing in all of the multiple portrayals of her character. From stoic robotic android, to a crazed power hungry one. To the femme fatale of a fascist regime, to a childlike human. Jansen was able to brilliantly define each one of these incarnations, and yet still managed to make AIDA’s sole goal of becoming a real girl believable throughout. With this she became the most complex, interesting and multi-layered villain this show has ever had.



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