Ranking Every Major Villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

We’ve ranked its heroes, so now we look at the best of the bad guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe…


Feature image courtesy of CashMoneyChris




It’s terrible that a great actor like Christopher Eccleston finds himself at the bottom of this list, but he was served terribly in his role as a generic evil space elf in Thor: The Dark World.




We’ve no idea what Mickey Rourke was doing as Iron Man 2‘s villain Whiplash AKA Anton Vanko. His accent’s dodgy and his character has a strange fascination with his pet bird.


Nobu and The Hand


Daredevil is awesome but season two suffered somewhat due to its emphasis on evil mystical ninja clan The Hand. Compared to Fisk, they make for a cliched, nebulous threat.


Aldrich Killian


Guy Pierce is another good actor Marvel practically wasted. Yet another anti-Tony Stark, he makes for a disappointing big bad. Especially when you find out the director’s original plan.


Ronan the Accuser


The one big flaw in Guardians of the Galaxy was that its villain was yet another cardboard cutout evil alien with an Infinity Stone. The talented Lee Pace deserved better.




Tim Roth’s unhinged performance as Emil Blonsky isn’t bad in The Incredible Hulk, but when he becomes Abomination he’s not exactly the most layered of antagonists.




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