Doctor Doom Solo Movie Coming From Fox

The Fantastic Four franchise might be currently dead, but their nemesis Doctor Doom is getting his own solo movie…


20th Century Fox – who hold the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises – will be producing the movie. It will likely be a reboot of the character from the one seen in 2015’s Fantastic Four movie (where the character was played by Toby Kebbel).

Intriguingly, attached to the project is Noah Hawley, the genius showrunner behind Fox’s X-Men TV series Legion (check it out now if you haven’t already). Hawley made the announcement at San Diego Comic-Con with this teasing hint:

“I’ll just say two words [about my new project]. The first one is Doctor and the next one is Doom.”

Marvel fans have previously lambasted both the 2015 Doom and the version from the 2005/07 Fantastic Four movies, where he was played by Julian McMahon. Both iterations failed to bring the mighty sorcerer, scientist, sovereign (of the country Latveria) and supervillain to life in the way he deserved. The character is one of the most iconic in the whole Marvel pantheon so let’s hope that third time’s the charm for Fox.

Are you interested in a Doctor Doom solo film? Let us know below!

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