Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 27 – Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears

We get to see the working world of the Pro Heroes and Midoriya meets All Might’s mentor, the small but fearsome Gran Torino.


This post was late in coming but then again so is Funimation, since it hasn’t even released episode 28 on its site yet. But never fear that is what Crunchyroll is for… anyway on with the review. This episode saw Midoriya interacting with All Might’s mentor Gran Torino and, man, is he a character. It is fun to see an elderly hero especially when they are able to kick butt. While it appears like Gran Torino is not all there, asking Midoriya who is every few minutes, I think it is more of an act since he demonstrates great competence when it comes to mentoring him in the uses of “One-For-All.”

Midoriya realizes that he been thinking of his power has an outside force rather than something that is a part of him and that he needs to overcome this barrier if he going to use his quirk as effectively as Bakugo. In keeping in tune with the microwave metaphor from episode 6, Midoriya gets a moment of clarity when trying heat up Gran Torino’s frozen taiyaki where only side of the pastry was heated and the rest was cold because the plate was unable to spin around like it was supposed to. He was so focused on concentrated all his power into one area not taking into account that he could disperse his power through his entire body. The episode ends with him about to square with Gran Torino again.

While Midoriya’s storyline is great as ever, the side stories with the other classmates were also interesting to watch and through them we were also given insights into what really goes on in the Pro Hero Industry. I loved the conversation between Bakugo and Best Jeanist who is very astute and powerful. I would also like to note that the part where Bakugo is constrained by Best Jeanist’s fiber threads wasn’t in the manga from what I read. I think it was added in order to demonstrate his quirk “Fiber Master” which is extremely effective in taking down villains. No wonder he’s ranked within the top 5 behind All Might and Endeavor.

Another notable event that took place was Stain the Hero Killer meeting with the League of Villians which was established back in episode 24. It revealed that Stain and Shigaraki have very different views on heroes and All Might. Stain believes he has just cause in killing heroes and considers All Might to be the only true hero left, while Shigaraki just wants to kill All Might as well anyone else who gets in the way, including the students at UA High. It is interesting to see the interactions between these contrasting villains and this along with character development and world building make this a good episode and it makes one anxious to see what’s going to happen next.



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