Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 28 – Midoriya and Shigaraki

Midoriya goes Full Cowl for the first time, Shigaraki and League of Villians make their second move and Iida faces The Hero Killer Stain head on.


To elaborate on my comments in the previous review, Funimation has decided to delay the simulcast dub of this episode until July 29th, so the only way to watch episode 28 is via Crunchyroll which streams the original sub. So now you all know that when given the option I prefer dub. I hope I don’t make too many enemies with this revelation; however, I should emphasise that I don’t mind watching sub and it is worth reading text when the story is as good as My Hero Academia. Anyway enough about me, on to the review!

This episode began where we left off with Midoriya utilizing his new technique “Full Cowl” where he disperses “One-For-All” power through his body given him enhanced strength and speed. Gran Torino still kicks his butt with his quirk “Jet,” but Midoriya does manage to land a scratch on him which demonstrates that he is making progress. I can not be happier the Midoriya is making strides to use his quirk in effective and less painful manner and I can only hope that he uses “One-For-All” at 100% without risk of injury. Eventually, Gran Torino decides to take Midoriya to Shinjuku where they can fight some villains, in order to give experience in fighting other types quirk-users.

Meanwhile, All Might meets with his friend, Naomasa, the police detective, who informs him about the DNA analysis of the Nomu, who attacked the USJ with League of Villians, revealing that he is a criminal whose DNA had been mixed with four other individuals. This makes him into an artificial human, his body modified in order to handle multiple quirks. All Might then ominously states that he is on the move. Who is this he? I can only say: read the manga.

We get then get a scene with Iida and Normal Hero Manual patrolling the streets, where the Pro Hero directly asks him if he is thinking about taking revenge on Stain. I was glad that Manual brought this up because he demonstrates that he is observant and that he showed some concern for Iida. Despite his warning about not using his quirk for his own ends, Iida is still left conflicted because while he is one to follow the rules, as it has been established early on in the series, he can not help but hate Stain for what did to his brother.

At the villain’s hideout, Stain easily overpowers Shigaraki which is rather impressive considering the latter’s “Decay” quirk. But Shigaraki manages to disintegrate his dagger and ultimately the fight comes to a draw. Stain admits while their motives and goals are different, the one thing they have in common is their desire to destroy the current society. Ultimately Stain is warped back to Hosu city with Shigaraki and Kurogiri following suit.

Then things go south very fast, for Shigaraki and Kurogiri bring along more Nomus which begin to attack the city including the train that Midoriya and Gran Torino are on. As this in the process of going down, Stain is on verge of murdering another hero, before Iida intervenes, intent on avenging on behalf of his brother. The tension is rising and I am anxious to see Iida fight Stain in the next episode.



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