Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 30 – Climax

As the title suggests, the Midoriya and his classmates battle with Stain comes to its climax; meanwhile, Endeavor demonstrates the reason he is the second most popular hero.


“Climax” is definitely the word to describe this episode. The first half focuses on Midoriya, Iida and Todoroki’s ongoing fight against Stain. This final showdown was pretty epic with Iida managing to move and defending Shoto not once but twice, despite the shoulder injury he sustained from Stain’s blade. Iida is resolved not let his friends bleed anymore on his account and while the Hero Killer was right about his selfish intentions of revenge, he had to stand up him if his brother’s legacy is to last. Stain, while not letting up, is course getting overwhelmed since he is now fighting against three opponents. The students realize this and use this to their advantage with Iida using his special kicking move “Recipro Burst” and Midoriya punching with “Full Cowling” which ultimately leads to Stain’s defeat.

In the other half of the episode, we also see Endeavor in action and it is shown that he is no slouch when it comes to fighting bad guys and his quirk “Hell Flame” is powerful when used effectively. He can do a lot from increasing his flames temperature, forming his flames into various shapes, and even heating up the soles of his feet in order to scale vertical walls. I still think he is arrogant and a horrible father, but even I have to admit he is good at his Pro Hero job. I may not like him personally but at least he is¬†working to help people, but admittedly not always for the right reasons.

I have to admit I loved the scene where Grand Torino and the other Pro Heroes arrive to find these high students have taken a serial killer villain that eluded capture until that point. Grand Torino is, of course, angry at Midoriya initially because he did not stay on the train like he told him to, but honestly, Torino did you just expect Midoriya to sit back and do nothing? However, the last Nomus Endeavor was chasing ends up snatching Midoriya and is quickly flying beyond the reach of the Pro Heroes.

But the unexpected happens, Stain licks the Nomu’s blood off of one the Pro Hero’s cheeks and paralyses the creature. Despite being in bad shape, the Hero Killer is able to release himself from his bonds with a hidden blade, catch up to the Nomu and deal a fatal head wound saving Midoriya in the process. Stain manages to exude an aura of paralysing fear as he proclaims that he must purge the world of fake heroes. But as he is slowly walking towards the rest of the group he becomes unconscious, freezing in his tracks.¬†The fact that Stain was able to make the number two hero Endeavor shake in his boots goes to show just how scary he can be.

While Stain had the right reasons for wanting heroes to be selfless, he was wrong in the way he went about it. He felt the only way that could happen was through murdering or maiming Pro Heroes who he deemed to self-entitled. He did wrong by hurting Iida’s brother, but at the same time he reminded Iida of a hero’s true purpose is to save people, not to further or defend their pride. It will be interesting to see the repercussions that the encounter with Stain has on the rest of the story.



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