Comic Book Review: Go Go Power Rangers #1

The new Power Rangers comic from BOOM Studios begins with a flawless first issue. Check out our review here…


If you are a fan of Mighty Morphin but have never read any of BOOM’s top-notch Power Rangers comics, then you need to rectify that right now. Lucky for you, they have just launched a new series that, from the looks of the first issue, might even be better than the mainline comics.

Go Go Power Rangers is set in the few days after Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini and Zack first encountered Zordon and got their powers. The setting promises to allow the comics to delve into the characters and their struggle to balance their superhero and everyday lives more than we’ve ever seen before. #1 gets off to a cracking start on that track as it brilliantly packs in our reintroductions to these characters as well as beginning an exciting action-packed story.

Writer Ryan Parrot does a great job echoing the characters from the original series but giving them a fresh, modern twist. For instance, Zack is presented as the coolest, most likeable guy in school, Kimberly and Trini are firm best friends despite their different personalities and Billy is a bullied nerd with confidence issues over being a Ranger. Jason, in particular, is handled really well. He’s a good leader but he’s also headstrong and willing to defy Zordon if he believes he is doing the right thing.

Dan Mora’s artwork is also incredible. His renditions of the characters don’t look like the actors in the TV show but that’s OK as these are slightly alternate versions of the Rangers and Mora’s style makes sure these feel like real people in their own right. His Megazord is also a thing to behold and, perhaps most impressively, he manages to make Rita Repulsa and her cadre of goons intimidating. Look at the image above – even the usually buffoonish Squat could give you nightmares!

The best thing I can say about Go Go Power Rangers is that it is exactly what the recent movie reboot should have been – it’s witty, character-driven, fun, not afraid to tinker with this and that but ultimately it keeps the heart and appeal of the franchise. If you have ever wanted to see what would happen if you mixed Power Rangers with the sensibilities of, say, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Spider-Man: Homecomingyou need to read this book.




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