A Guide to Every DC Superhero Who Appeared on Smallville

Booster Gold

Played by: Eric Martsolf

Appearances: 1 episode (S10)

Appearances: While Booster Gold claims to be a superhero, he is really a disgraced football star from the future. He stole a Legion ring (see below) and travelled to the past to take Superman’s place in history. Under Clark’s advice, though, he grew into a true hero when he took Blue Beetle under his wing.


Legion of Super-Heroes

Played by: Alexz Johnson (Imra), Ryan Kennedy (Rokk), Calum Worthy (Garth)

Appearances: 1 episode (S8) [Rokk cameod later in S8]

A group of superpowered young adults from the future, three of the Legion (of Superheroes) – namely, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad – came back to the 21st century to aid Clark Kent in his final battle against Brainiac. They possessed time-travelling Legion rings which became a major plot point in many future episodes.


Justice Society of America

Played by: Jim Shield (Star-Spangled Kid), Ken Lawson (Sandman), Glenn Hoffman (Atom), Sahar Biniaz (Hawkgirl), Doug Pinton (Green Lantern), Billy Mitchell (The Flash), Roger Haskett (Wildcat).

Appearances: 1 episode (S9)

The Justice Society of America was a league of vigilantes who operated in the 1970s (not the 1940s as in the comics). After many of them were murdered by Icicle Jr, the surviving members came out of retirement. Other JSA members who only appear in the portrait seen at their HQ include Doctor Midnite, Spectre, Hourman and Black Canary (the mother of Dinah Lance).


Dr Fate

Played by: Brent Stait

Appearances: 1 episode (S9) [Helmet featured in S10]

Appearances: When Kent Nelson donned the Helmet of Nabu he became Doctor Fate – an incredibly powerful sorcerer with the ability to see anyone’s fate but his own. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the Helmet drove Kent insane. After his death, the Helmet was briefly worn by Icicle Jr and Chloe Sullivan.




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