A Guide to Every DC Superhero Who Appeared on Smallville

Black Canary

Played by: Alaina Huffman

Appearances: 6 episodes (S7/8/9/10)

Initially hired by Lex Luthor to stop Green Arrow, Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary quickly switched sides and joined with the League. Her powerful sonic screams can even disable Clark. Though her costume is fairly different from the comics, she does retain the character’s iconic fishnet tights (something the Arrowverse versions don’t).



Played by: Lee Thompson Young

Appearances: 4 episodes (S5/6/9/10)

Victor Stone was experimented on and given cybernetic enhancements by Lex Luthor after being involved in a car crash. After meeting Clark Kent, Cyborg went on to become a founding member of the Justice League. The comic book character’s metallic exoskeleton is located beneath Victor’s skin in Smallville. 



Played by: Alan Ritchson

Appearances: 5 episodes (S5/6/8/10)

A former marine biologist student and environmental activist, Arthur ‘A.C.’ Curry – true name: Orin – was a founding member of the League. Physically, he was a match for the comics character but he only wore a colourful wetsuit rather than his traditional full armour. His Atlantean origins were only discussed in his final appearance in season 10.



Played by: Kyle Gallner

Appearances: 4 episodes (S4/6/8/10)

Bart Allen was Clark’s first metahuman pal. A wayward kid who used his speed for crime, Clark taught him the importance of doing the right thing. The character is an amalgamation of three incarnations of the Flash: Wally West, Barry Allen and Bart Allen. He actually bears little resemblance to the comic book Bart but the rights to either Wally or Barry were not available.




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