Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 32 – Everyone’s Internships

A filler episode that is rather entertaining and gives fan favorite Tsuyu Asui some screen-time.


This episode is rather unique since the events that take place are not portrayed in the manga. In truth it was just a passing mention that Asui made when she tells her classmates what she did during her internship. The fact that the anime decided to expand on that and make an entire episode about Asui’s encounter with smugglers is a great way to create filler while still keeping within realms the original source material. Plus the bonus scenes with the rest of the U.A. students were fun to see as well – especially Bakugo’s interactions with Best Jeanist.

But the main character status shifts from Midoriya to Tsuyu Asui for this episode and I am sure it made a lot of fans of hers happy. Asui is interesting since she stands out the most among the girls in class 1-A. She is not as traditionally or overtly feminine and her “Frog-Form” quirk gives her variety of abilities that makes her one of the most versatile students in the class, which is why I think fans are drawn to her so much. It only makes sense then to try and incorporate her more in the story since people want to see more of her.

Through Asui we are introduced to Pro Hero Selkie and the crew of the Oki Mariner who conduct sea rescues and arrests, as we see with the smugglers in this episode. Selkie’s “Spotted Seal” quirk grants him multiple abilities, much like Asui, although they are different from hers, since hers are frog related and his abilities are related to seals. Nothing else really major happens as far as the overarching plot is concerned (at least nothing we have not already seen), but “Everyone’s Internships” is a nice break before heading into the final arc of the season.




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