Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 33 – Listen Up! A Tale from the Past

As students are gearing up for final exams, All Might takes Midoriya aside to reveal some truths about the past.


After Midoriya bids farewell to Gran Torino as well as thank him for his help, we see Class 1-A students back in the classroom discussing what did during field training. However Midoriya, Iida and Todoroki they can’t say much of anything because while they were the ones who defeated the Hero Killer, what they did was technically illegal. Of course the classmates assume the news story that Endeavor was the one who took down Stain and I am sure deep down that irritates Todoroki. Still, they have him have flashbacks to the Hosu City Police Chief who thanked them, so I guess that helps a little bit.

All Might teaches another hero class conducting a race to see how far they have come, and Midoriya shocks his classmates (besides Iida & Todoroki) with his new “Full Cowling” ability. Bakugo is especially angry since Midoriya got so strong and is rather upset that he did not experience the same boost in power in his field training experience with Best Jeanist. Midoriya while faster than he would have been normally, doesn’t win the race because of a slip up on a pipe. All Might gives him some encouragement, saying that he has improved a lot and asks to Midoriya after class to discuss somethings about “One-For-All.”

In this conversation, All Might reveals the origin story of “One-For-All” which has its roots back when quirks were just starting to be noticed. This has major spoilers so read at your own risk. The world at that time had not adapted to the idea of people having superhuman abilities and there was a lot of fear and mistrust…basically it was like the world of the X-Men. It became worse when a villain by the name “All-For-One” took advantage of the chaos and became an evil ruler of Japan’s criminal underworld.

But this man had a brother who resented his evil actions but at some point in time “All-For-One” forced a quirk onto him that stockpiled power. While he thought to be quirk-less, the brother did indeed had a quirk that could pass itself on to others and it was through blending of these two quirks that lead to the inadvertent creation of “One-For-All.” The brother couldn’t defeated “All-For-One” so passed on the quirk in the hope that one day, one of its users could bring him to justice.

Despite confiding in Midoriya about origin of the quirk, All Might was unable to tell him that he might not be at his side for much longer. I will still be sad when All Might goes and I hate to think what impact it will have on Midoriya. A lot of foreshadowing and I am interested how this will play out in future episodes and seasons.



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