A Guide To Every Regeneration In Doctor Who

The Tenth Doctor #1

Story: The Stolen Earth (2008)

Cause of Regeneration: Shot by Dalek. The Tenth Doctor should have transformed into a new body, but was able to heal himself and syphon of the excess regenerative energy into a jar that contained his dismembered hand. However, this still counted as a full regeneration.

Last Words: “I’m sorry, it’s too late… I’m regenerating!”


The Tenth Doctor #2

Story: The End of Time: Part Two (2010)

Cause of Regeneration: Radiation poisoning. After surviving the return of the Time Lords and the wrath of the Master, the Tenth Doctor died in a very low-key way. He had to enter a radiation chamber to rescue his friend Wilfred.

Last Words: “I don’t want to go.”


The Eleventh Doctor (Fake)

Story: The Impossible Astronaut (2011)

Cause of Regeneration: Shot by the Astronaut. At Lake Silencio, the Doctor was seemingly killed mid-regeneration by a mystery spaceman. It later turned out that this was the Tesselecta, a shapeshifting robot.

Last Words: N/A


The Eleventh Doctor (Real)

Story: The Time of the Doctor (2013)

Cause of Regeneration: Old age. In order to prevent the Time Lords returning and beginning a new Time War, the Doctor had to protect the planet Trenzalore for a whole 900 years. Eventually, he succumbed to old age, giving in to what should have been his last body. However, the Time Lords granted him a new regenerative cycle.

Last Words: “I will always remember when the Doctor was me.”


The Twelfth Doctor (Fake)

Story: The Lie of the Land (2017)

Cause of Regeneration: Shot by Bill. In an alternate timeline in which Earth was ruled by alien monks, Bill shot the Doctor, who seemed to have been corrupted by them. This – and his ensuing regeneration – were just an elaborate test to check if Bill herself had not been brainwashed by the monks.

Last Words: N/A


The Twelfth Doctor (Real)

Story: Twice Upon a Time (2017)

Cause of Regeneration: Shot by multiple Cybermen. Though he was fatally wounded battling his old enemies, the Twelfth Doctor was able to hold off his regeneration to experience one last adventure with his first incarnation. Eventually, he gave in and changed his appearance.

Last Words: “Doctor… I let you go.”



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