A Guide To Every Regeneration In Doctor Who

Melody Pond

Story: The Impossible Astronaut (2011)

Cause of Regeneration: After escaping from the Silent’s astronaut suit, little Melody Pond – Amy and Rory’s daughter, conceived in the TARDIS – lived rough on the streets of New York. After six months, she was on the brink of dying – but she was soon able to fix that…



Story: Let’s Kill Hitler (2011)

Cause of Regeneration: Melody regenerated and moved to Leadworth, befriending her mother and father as kids and they grew up together. Now called “Mels”, she forced the Doctor at gunpoint to travel to 1938 in an attempt to kill Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, Hitler was quicker on the draw than her and she was shot… regenerating into River Song!


The Master

Story: Utopia (2007)

Cause of Regeneration: The Master fled from the Time War and hid himself away at the end of the universe, disguised as the human Professor Yana. When he eventually got his memory back and attempted to sabotage humanity’s escape to Utopia, he was shot by his assistant Chantho.



Story: Destiny to the Daleks (1979)

Cause of Regeneration: Unknown. Due to Mary Tamm exiting the show, Romana was replaced by Lalla Ward. This regeneration was realised on screen with Romana trying on various different bodies before she settled on her eventual second form.


The General

Story: Hell Bent (2015)

Cause of Regeneration: Shot by the Doctor. Driven to desperation to save the life of Clara Oswald, the Doctor shot the Time Lord General who was standing in his way. This regeneration was notable as the General transformed into a black woman – the first time a Gallifreyan had been seen to change either race or gender on screen.



Story: K-9: Regeneration (2010)

Cause of Regeneration: In this oft-forgotten spin-off, K-9 ended up on Earth via a portal that also released some alien nasties called the Korven. While protecting his new human friends, K-9 was destroyed – but his central unit survived and regenerated him a new, very different, form.

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