FF’s 13 Favourite Female Characters Of 2017

Who are the best female characters to have debuted on our TV and movie screens in 2017? Let’s take a look…


Admiral Holdo, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi introduced us to many new Star Wars characters, Admiral Holdo being one of them. Played by Laura Dern, she shows that older women aren’t just tokens in the Star Wars franchise, and brilliantly demonstrates that sometimes there’s strength in being willing to sacrifice yourself for others and the greater cause. And come on, that pink hair is pretty cool too!! M.W.


Colleen Wing, Iron Fist/The Defenders

You won’t find Iron Fist mentioned on many ‘Best Of’ lists of 2017, but we thought its leading lady was the best thing about the otherwise underwhelming Marvel/Netflix series. While Danny Rand never really impressed as a super-skilled martial artist, Jessica Henwick nailed it as his love interest and sparring partner Colleen Wing, and she was pretty much an honorary fifth member of The Defenders, too. C.B.


Nico, Gert And Karolina, Runaways

Marvel’s Runaways debuted on streaming service Hulu in 2017 and brought with it a wonderfully diverse bunch of teenage protagonists. For once, the women in the team outranked the men – among them was goth Nico, SJW Gert and the troubled pin-up girl Karolina (plus, the younger Molly, but she’s not quite as good a character). In Karolina, as well, Runaways gave us the MCU’s first lesbian main character. What a runaway success! C.B.


Laura Moon, American Gods

Bryan Fuller’s American Gods TV series played fast and loose with the source material, which helped and hindered the show in different ways. One way that it improved on Neil Gaiman’s brilliant brick of a novel was in the character of Laura Moon. Fairly underwritten in the original tome, the TV series turned Laura into one of the ensemble’s best additions, as the undead wife of Ricky Whittle’s Shadow proved to be an engagingly flawed, determined character. C.B.




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