Parks And Recreation’s Top 30 Episodes (Part One)

It’s been nine years this week since Parks & Recreation first arrived on our screens. To celebrate the sitcom, here’s part one of our look at its best episodes…


Greg Pikitis (2.7)

After a shaky first season, this is the first episode to fire on all cylinders. Leslie tries to bring down her nemesis, high-school prankster/criminal mastermind Greg Pikitis (PIKITIS!) before he pulls something big on Halloween. Also, witness the birth of Andy’s alter ego Bert Macklin, FBI agent.


Ron and Tammy (2.8)

The previously-mentioned demonic second wife of Ron arrives – and is brought to demented life by Nick Offerman’s real-life wife Megan Mullally. A fantastic start to the Ron vs Tammy(s) saga. Meanwhile, Andy gets his first job: as a shoeshiner at City Hall.


94 Meetings (2.21)

Due to an oversight by April, Ron has a whopping 93 meetings in one day. Meanwhile, Andy and April’s growing affection hits a wall when Andy becomes uncomfortable with their age difference. There are also laughs to be had from Leslie’s quest to save a historic building.


The Master Plan (2.23)

Chris and Ben arrive, as City Hall faces a huge financial crisis that Leslie has to solve. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang celebrate April’s 21st birthday – and Andy finally decides to ask her out. A really important episode for the show moving forward.


Freddy Spaghetti (2.24)

As City Hall is closed, Leslie skirts the regulations to hold a children’s concert. Leslie and Ben’s chemistry is there from the off and Andy and April’s feelings for each other come to a head. Plus, Mark finally leaves (sorry, Mark, you’re just not that funny).



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