Ranking Every X-Men Movie And TV Show: 2018 Edition

10. The Wolverine


2013’s second Wolverine solo movie is a definite improvement over Origins, but it still is a far cry from the franchise’s best offerings. The Japanese setting and themes make an interesting change of pace but on the whole it is a mixed bag – the film’s pace drags somewhat and it suffers from a disappointing final fight. In retrospect, it’s flaws aren’t too damning, though, as it is now seems like a dry run for director James Mangold’s second, much more superior solo Wolverine story…


9. Deadpool


A surprisingly low placement for the Merc with the Mouth’s smash-hit movie? Maybe, but hear me out. While Deadpool the character was undoubtedly a much-needed fresh take on the superhero lead, underneath the fourth-wall-breaking and gleefully vulgar humour, Deadpool the movie really wasn’t all that different from the typical superhero origins movie. The villains and the plot itself fairly pedestrian. Still, Ryan Reynolds is born to play Wade Wilson and it is laugh-out-loud funny in places.


8. X-Men


From FFlashback: X-Men (2000):

“X-Men deserves to be remembered as the first proper modern superhero film, as it successfully manages to – largely – faithfully adapt the comics while still playing it straight (as opposed to Batman & Robin‘s campy approach). Looking back now, though, it is oddly short for a comic book movie and feels like an extended pilot for a TV show rather than a film in its own right. Not to worry though, things would only improve for the sequel…”



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