NEWS FLASH: Boba Fett Solo Movie In The Works, Logan Director Attached

Another Star Wars spin-off is in the works – and it will focus on fan favourite bounty hunter Boba Fett…


So we’ve had Rogue OneSolo is in cinemas now, and there’s an Obi-Wan film in the works. What’s the next Star Wars Story movie that Lucasfilm is developing? It turns out that it’s going to be one focused on Boba Fett, and it’s coming from James Mangold, the director of the acclaimed X-Men movie Logan. 

Infamously, despite being widely seen as one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars canon, Fett doesn’t have a great deal of screentime in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Some might argue that there’s not enough meat on the character’s bones for him to lead his own film.

With Mangold on board, though, we can surmise that the film may have the same sort of gritty, neo-Western feel as Logan, which did a lot to flesh out Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine behind just being a super-cool killing machine. No doubt Lucasfilm went to him to give Boba Fett the Logan treatment.

Star Wars fans with long memories may remember that director Josh Trank was attached to a Boba Fett standalone back in 2015. However, due to the colossal failure of his Fantastic Four reboot, he was removed from the project and the film stalled… Until now.

We’re interested to see how this develops.


The Hollywood Reporter

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