Ranking Every X-Men Movie And TV Show: 2018 Edition

3. Legion

From Legion (Season One) Spoiler-Free Review:

“Legion is a… psychological, mind-bending drama that sizzles with wit and intrigue. [It’s] a creative triumph whose greatest victory is probably that it manages to subvert and exceed your expectations at every turn. If you an ardent lover of the classic superhero tale or linear storytelling, Legion will probably just annoy you. But if you are willing to witness something a bit different, then the show is a must-watch.”


– 1. Logan


From Logan – Spoiler-Free Review:

“Logan is a complete triumph – a beautiful blend of grit and emotion that is closer to a western than it is a traditional superhero movie… Hopefully Logan will remind the studios that what we most want from a movie is an involving, character-driven story. It will be interesting to see if the acclaim surrounding the film survives with age but it is clear that Logan is the perfect farewell for what must be one of the most iconic movie heroes ever. So long, Logan. You did good.”


– 1. X2: X-Men United


From FFlashback: X-Men 2 (2003):

“The biggest problem with the weaker X-Men films is that they don’t manage to effectively balance the ensemble of characters – often everyone else has to make way for Logan. In X-Men 2, however, all the characters get a decent crack at the whip. Yes, Wolverine is still at the centre of the story and he is still the most interesting, but his teammates play a significant role. If only the following film had learnt from this one’s successes…”



The Gifted (season 2)

The New Mutants

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

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