Reviewing Doctor Who (Season One)

As we await Doctor Who to return for its eleventh season, let’s take a look back at the past ten. To start off, here’s our review of the 2005 season starring Christopher Eccleston…



Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) is whisked away from her boring, ordinary life when she encounters the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston), a charismatic alien who travels in time and space in his TARDIS. Over her travels, the duo – along with friends like Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and Rose’s ex-boyfriend Mickey (Noel Clarke) – save the universe repeatedly. But will they succeed when the Doctor’s old enemies, the Daleks, return in full force?


1. Rose

Save a burping bin and a plastic Mickey, ‘Rose’ was the perfect way to relaunch Doctor Who – making the Doctor a mystery and introducing us to his world through Rose’s point of view. Eccleston and Piper are brilliant from the off and kudos to Davies for bringing back the Autons. 9/10


2. The End of the World

A wonderful Douglas Adams-esque ride full of memorable, brilliantly-named aliens – the Face of Boe, the Moxx of Balhoon ETC – and a high-concept premise (see the title). What’s best is how it explores the Doctor and Rose as characters. Love that closing heart-to-heart in a high street. 8.5/10


3. The Unquiet Dead

A smart, atmospheric Victorian ghost story that starts the “celebrity historical” subgenre of Who episodes. It also pushes the boundaries of horror for Doctor Who – the pre-credits scene is chilling. Plus, there’s some set-up for what will become the spin-off show Torchwood. 8.5/10




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