A Guide To Every Slayer On Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Spin-Off Slayers



Dana was another potential Slayer activated by Willow. However, due to a traumatic experience, in her youth Dana had dangerous psychological problems. When she got a Slayer’s super-strength, she escaped her hospital and ran amok in Los Angeles. Wolfram & Hart, led by Angel, were able to apprehend her and hand her over to Andrew Wells, now a Watcher.



Satsu was a Japanese-American woman and one of Buffy’s Slayer organisation based in Scotland. She became close to Buffy and they even had a brief sexual relationship.  As Buffy was not able to confirm her sexuality, Satsu left Scotland to become the head of the Slayer  squad in Tokyo.


Simone Doffler

Simone Doffler was a rogue Slayer who believed that Slayers were superior to humans. Her militant actions led to public opinion turning against Slayers. As her plans were defeated by Buffy, she developed a hatred for her. Even transforming herself into a vampire – or Slaypire – in order to combat her.



Nina is the last Slayer called before the End of Magic. She is the daughter of Merrick, Buffy Summers’ first Watcher. She was a Watcher-in-training herself before her powers activated. Nina is the star of an upcoming novel titled Slayer which follows the continuity of the comics.


Melaka Fray

Melaka Fray hails from the 23rd century and lives in Haddyn (the future version of New York). She is the first Slayer called for centuries since the lineage died out. She possesses the legendary Scythe and her nemesis is her twin brother Harth, who became a vampire lord. Fray has also encountered Buffy via time travel.


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