Ranking Every TV Show In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Luke Cage (Netflix, 2016-18)

Status: Cancelled

Seasons/Episodes: 2 (26 episodes)

Luke Cage comes slap bang in the middle of this list because, while a lot about it is top-notch superhero entertainment, the show has taken a few bumpy roads over its first two seasons that stop it coming any higher. Still, let’s focus on the positives – Mike Colter is terrific in the lead, he’s supported by a strong cast and the soundtrack is always awesome.


The Punisher (Netflix, 2017 -)

Status: Renewed

Seasons/Episodes: 1 (13 episodes)

Glorifying a madman running around with a gun could have felt tone-deaf in our modern world but The Punisher managed to tackle its potentially controversial subject matter with a deft touch, exploring Frank Castle as a damaged human being rather than hero. Jon Bernthal is staggeringly good in the lead role.


Agent Carter (ABC, 2015-16)

Status: Cancelled

Seasons/Episodes: 2 (18 episodes)

We all miss Agent Carter, right? The very first MCU show to be cancelled and it’s possibly the most purely fun of the lot. The post-war setting gave the show its own unique space in the franchise and there were some enjoyable ties to the movies scattered throughout. Again, though, the highlight is its sparkling lead in the form of the one and only Hayley Atwell.



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