Casting A Kingdom Come Justice League For Crisis On Infinite Earths

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ will bring together many different corners of the DC multiverse, including a Kingdom Come-inspired Superman. So let’s cast a whole all-star Justice League for the crossover…


Brandon Routh – Superman

First of all, it’s been confirmed that Brandon Routh will be swapping the Atom for Superman in ‘Crisis’, making this the first time he’s played the Man of Steel since 2006’s Superman Returns. What’s more, he’ll be playing the Kingdom Come version of the hero.

Kingdom Come is a classic non-canon comic book storyline that takes place in a dystopian vision of the future in which, among other things, an older Superman has disappeared from the world after the death of Lois Lane. In the comic, he has to come out of retirement to stop a growing conflict between the world’s superhuman population. In ‘Crisis’, he’ll presumably be moved to lend a hand when the whole of reality is threatened by the Anti-Monitor.

But who could join Routh as the rest of a Kingdom Come Justice League?


Kevin Conroy – Batman

It is 100% official that legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy is finally getting to play Bruce Wayne in live-action in ‘Crisis’. All we know about his character is that he’s playing an older version of the billionaire vigilante. This leads us to wonder whether he’ll be from the same world as Routh’s Superman and be part of his Kingdom Come League.

Fans are also wondering if this could lead to a Batman Beyond situation with Conroy’s older Bruce shown to be training up his protege, Terry McGinnis, as the next Batman. Why can’t both theories be true?


Lynda Carter – Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter has previously joined the Arrowverse as President Marsdin on Supergirl, but it’d be amazing if she could return as her most iconic role as Diana Prince, who she hasn’t played since the 1970s Wonder Woman series, in ‘Crisis.’ So if she did reprise her role as the Amazonian goddess, then why not have her as part of the KC Justice League, too?

Unfortunately, Arrow EP Marc Guggenheim has played down the chances of this happening, following widespread rumors that she was secretly in talks to make a comeback.

This would be a shame, but if things don’t work out with Carter, then there is another cool option for who could play Wondy in the crossover. How about getting Adrienne Palicki back as Diana? She played her in a aborted pilot back in 2011, after all.


Justin Hartley – Aquaman

Justin Hartley is most known to DC fans as Green Arrow in Smallville. However, if there are any other Oliver Queen in ‘Crisis’, it only makes sense that they are played by Arrow‘s Stephen Amell. So why not get Hartley back as another DC hero he’s portrayed that would allow for one major figure from the mythos to make their Arrowverse debut?

Back in 2006, Hartley was cast in the lead role in an Aquaman pilot for The CW made by Smallville‘s producers. Though the show didn’t get picked up, the producers liked him so much that they brought him on board SV as the Emerald Archer instead and the rest was history. But wouldn’t it be cool if the Arrowverse could bring Hartley back as Arthur Curry and tip its hat to this oft-forgotten piece of the DC multiverse?


Michael Rosenbaum – Wally West’s Flash

Here’s another Smallville alum we’d like to see in ‘Crisis.’ Michael Rosenbaum is most famous as Lex Luthor to Tom Welling’s Clark Kent. However, he also voiced Wally West’s version of the Flash in the beloved Justice League animated series. Seeing as his co-star Kevin Conroy will appear in the crossover as his cartoon role brought to life, why not do the same with Rosenbaum and invite him back to play the Scarlet Speedster in live-action?

Part of my thought process for getting Hartley and Rosenbaum back in roles other than their Smallville characters comes from Guggenehim’s comment that they’re trying to get SV stars on board ‘Crisis’ but it’s proving difficult. If there are rights issues in the way, then this could be a fun way around it.




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