Reviewing Smallville (Season Two)

19. Precipice

A darker episode, as the villains are violent, chauvinistic men instead of a meteor freak. Also, a welcome change in Lana’s ‘damsel’ status, plus Lex takes the law into his own hands. 8/10

20. Witness

A fairly run-of-the-mill meteor freak plot – sports star is snorting kryptonite for super-strength – is surrounded by some interesting subplots – particularly Lionel’s sudden interest in Chloe. 7/10

21. Accelerate

The apparent ghost of a dead childhood friend haunts Lana in a really eerie episode. And are Clark and Lana finally becoming an item? Knowing Smallville, I wouldn’t bet on it. 8/10

22. Calling

Things are heating up, as Clark and Lana grow closer and Lex and Helen’s wedding nears. Plus, tantalising hints at Clark’s past/future and a kicking cliffhanger. Great lead in to the finale.  8.5/10

23. Exodus

Clark fights against fate when his father (Terence ‘General Zod’ Stamp!) orders him to fulfill his destiny. A thrilling, and surprisingly dark, finale with an even better multi-cliffhanger than last year. 9/10


Verdict: Smallville‘s second season is a distinct improvement on the first. Thankfully, the number of ‘freak of the week’ plots is reduced in favour of more compelling ‘arc’ episodes – which bring us closer to the familiar comic book set-up. Likewise, Pete finally gets a proper role and Lionel is promoted to regular cast – which means we get loads more of his duplicity and goading of Lex (who is still Smallville‘s MVP). There are niggles to be had, though. The Clark/Lana romance is starting to wear thin, seeing as – spoiler for anyone unfamiliar with Superman – we know they aren’t destined to be together anyway. Overall, this is an intermittently super season.

Score: 8.1

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