Reviewing Smallville (Season Two)

13. Suspect

Jonathan is accused of shooting Lionel in a very effective whodunnit. Just about everyone has a reason to hate Luthor Sr at this point, so you really have no idea who the culprit is. 8/10

14. Rush

A parasite causes Clark’s friends to act recklessly in a fun yet frustrating episode. It’s very enjoyable, I just found it a rehash of other episodes and really unsubtle in its drug metaphor. 7.5/10

15. Prodigal

Lionel’s other son, Lucas, arrives and turns Lex’s life upside down. Very entertaining and twisty-turny episode with some big revelations. Plus, a fun subplot of Lex living with the Kents. 8.5/10

16. Fever

Martha falls deathly ill after inhaling some meteor spores – can Jonathan and Clark save her in time? Clark’s love life also heats up as Chloe and Lana realise their feelings for him. 8.5/10

17. Rosetta

Christopher flippin’ Reeve! John Williams’ score! The first mention of Kal-El and Krypton! Sure, this one was a bit of a sudden infodump but it’s the single most exciting episode yet. 9.5/10

18. Visitor

Clark’s alienation is eased when he thinks a boy at school might be from Krypton, too. A touching, sombre installment. Meanwhile, Helen learns more about the Kents. 7.5/10



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