Reviewing Smallville (Season Three)

We make a return visit to Smallville as we review the Superman show’s third season…


The One Where: Smallville‘s third season begins with Clark at his darkest hour – how can he rise above his personal tragedy and become the superhero that we all know he is? Meanwhile, Lex and Lionel fix their relationship after a traumatic endeavour – but can that much pain really be repaired?


Episode breakdown

1. Exile

Clark has gone bad under the influence of Red Kryptonite while Lex is stranded on a desert island, all Arrow-like. A very different episode that makes for terrific drama. 9/10

2. Phoenix

On entertainment value, this is a fantastic second part. On the other hand, I just don’t buy a couple of the developments (e.g. Helen’s evil enough to kill Lex but not reveal Clark’s secret?) 8.5/10 

3. Extinction

Another strong one. with a clever subversion of the format. The villain is not a meteor freak but a vigilante out to kill those affected by the meteors. Plus, is Lex really indestructible?  8.5/10

4. Slumber

Smallville homages Nightmare on Elm Street, as Clark gets stuck in his dreams with a girl being chased by a monster. The premise adds some nice psychological weight to the drama. 8.5/10

5. Perry

A drunken tabloid reporter turns up to investigate the meteor shower – and it’s only Clark’s future boss, Perry White! A fun, fresh take on a familiar character. Yet another firm 8.5/10

6. Relic

Smallville does Back to the Future as Clark and Lana discover their ancestors led an illicit romance in the 50s. Some great widening of the mythology and Jor-El as a character. 8.5/10*


* I promise I’m not just half-heartedly dishing out these ratings, these episodes really are consistently great.



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