Reviewing Smallville (Season Three)

7. Magnetic

A boring return to the classic Smallville formula, as yet another meteor freak – with magnetic powers – is obsessed with Lana. More interesting is Chloe swapping her allegiance to Lex. 7/10

8. Shattered

Lex uncovers a conspiracy to kill him constructed by Lionel and Morgan Edge – or is he just losing his mind? Terrifically tense with a superb performance from Michael Rosenbaum. 9/10

9. Asylum

Multiple returning villains, a DC comics setting, lots of poor old Lex and the exploration of the depths of Lionel’s villainy makes for another superlative episode. A treat for Smallville fans 9/10

10. Whisper

Surprise surprise, the meteor freak stuff (this time it’s a Banshee-like fella) isn’t great, but Clark gaining superhearing when he loses his vision is. Plus, our first sight of Clark in glasses! 8/10

11. Delete

The main plot of an email assassin is hilariously silly but this episode is saved by reintroducing the Summerholt Institute and some great foreshadowing – Chloe’s cousin is who now?! 8/10

12. Hereafter

A kindly meteor freak who has premonitions of people’s deaths befriends Clark. Some great stuff about changing (and sometimes accepting) destiny. Plus, there’s a nail-biting cliffhanger! 8.5/10



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