Reviewing Smallville (Season Three)

13. Velocity

Pete does kryptonite drag racing in a fairly so-so episode. The positives are Clark’s moral dilemma in helping him and the reveal of what caused Jonathan’s heart attack. 7.5/10

14. Obsession

For once, a meteor freak – a teleporter – is obsessed with Clark not Lana. It’s a familiar Fatal Attraction plot but it’s sad to see Clark find someone right for him only for it to go wrong. 8.5/10

15. Resurrection

Despite featuring Jonathan in surgery, a growing something between Lana and Lex and a reveal about Clark’s blood, this is an episode which doesn’t quite hold up to the sum of its parts 7.5/10

16. Crisis

Lana calls Clark when she’s in trouble…but from the future. A fun backwards-mystery episode, with some big revelations about Lionel and his duplicitous schemes. 8.5/10

17. Legacy

Various plot threads come to a head as Lionel receives irrevocable evidence that Clark is linked to the caves, the Clark/Lana/Lex scenario thickens and, best of all, Christopher Reeve is back! 8.5/10

18. Truth

With so many secrets rolling around, Chloe developing the power to make people tell the truth made for a fantastic shock-filled episode. Chloe drunk on journalistic power is kinda scary. 9/10



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