Reviewing Smallville (Season Three)

19. Memoria

Wowzer! A look back at Lex’s fractured childhood and Lionel’s “particular brand of parenting” makes for the most dramatically satisfying episode of the show yet. Absolutely perfect. 10/10

20. Talisman

More exploration of the Native American myth that prophecies Clark and Lex as enemies. There’s lots of great stuff about the conflict of destiny and free will – basically the show’s central theme. 8.5/10

21. Forsaken

Despite various characters reaching a crossroads, this wasn’t quite as good as it could have been. Kudos to the actress who played an older Emily Dinsmore. Plus, a whopper of a cliffhanger. 8/10

22. Covenant

A girl claiming to be Kara from Krypton arrives in the Kents’ lives, just as Lionel’s murder trial beckons. A tense watch with – as is customary for Smallville – a memorably final scene to end the season on. 8.5/10


Verdict: Smallville‘s third season finally sorts out the balance between villain-of-the-week plots and overarching stories, making for by far the most consistent run yet. It features some terrific acting all round, but particularly from Allison Mack, John Schneider and Michael Rosenbaum. However, the season belongs to John Glover as Lionel Luthor – the character is at his Machiavellian best here as he is driven to desperate measures. Smallville is at its strongest when it expands on the Superman mythology or focuses on the Luthors, so while season three is comparatively low on the former it excels at the latter to make up for it. On the other hand, the Clana will-they-won’t-they saga has now reached tediousness, but thankfully things looks set to change next time. Overall, I can still say that this is (here it comes) a super season.


Score: 8.5

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